How do I get to page settings on Facebook?

How do I change the settings on my Facebook business page?

Once you’ve set up your business page, you’ll see it on the left side of your home Facebook login screen under “Pages.” Click on your business page’s name to load it in your browser. In the top right corner, click on “Edit Page” to bring up a drop down menu and select “Edit Settings.”

How do I know if my Facebook page is a business page?

If you go to your Facebook page, you’ll now find a gray check mark next to your business name to indicate your page is verified. Your Facebook page should now have a gray check mark, signifying it has been verified.

Is a Facebook page the same as a business page?

Personal Profiles vs.

You can also use your personal account to directly message friends or comment on the activity they share on their personal page. On the other hand, your Facebook Business Page is all about your brand and the services you offer as a professional in your field.

What is the difference between a Facebook page and business account?

When you set up a profile for your business, you are creating a separate account for your business as if it were a person. … An easy way to remember the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page is that that Facebook profiles are for people, while Facebook pages are for businesses.

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How do I separate my personal Facebook page from my business page?

Open Facebook and log in to your personal profile. In the far right corner of the top deck banner, there is a drop-down menu marked by a triangle pointing downward. Click that and look for the option Create Page. Follow the guide to establish a business page. Facebook’s templates ask you to categorize your business.

Will my Facebook friends see my business page?

No, people cannot see the Facebook pages you own. The pages are linked to your account, but they act as a separate entity from your personal account. You can list your friends as admins who then would have access to the page, just to the page and not your personal account.