How do I get Facebook news feed on my business page?

Why doesn’t my Facebook business page have a News Feed?

If the “Default” option is chosen, business page posts will not be seen UNLESS the Facebook user has their News Feed set to “Most Recent.” This is why it is CRUCIAL to have an engaging Facebook Page with noteworthy posts that provide incentive for your target audience to visit.

How do I find pages feed?

Find Your Facebook Pages Feed On Desktop

  1. Step 1 – Page Feed Desktop. Expand the menu by clicking on the Facebook logo above your profile image on the upper left-hand side of the page. …
  2. Step 2 – Page Feed Desktop. Next, select the Page you need from the menu and click it. …
  3. Step 3 – Page Feed Desktop.

Where is News Feed on Facebook app?

Here’s how to access your Most Recent news feed:

  • Tap the “More” button in the Facebook app.
  • Scroll to the Feeds section and tap on the grey “Feeds” header to expand it.
  • Most Recent should show up in the expanded list, and you can tap on it to view your news feed.
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