How do I donate my birthday to charity on Facebook?

How do I add my birthday to charity on Facebook?

Navigate to the fundraiser page on your Facebook profile. If you’re within a good couple of weeks of your birthday, you should see a reminder at the top of the page reminding you to set up a fundraiser. Next, select your nonprofit of choice.

How do Facebook birthday donations work?

Facebook birthday fundraisers are a specific type of Facebook Challenge in which supporters “donate” their birthday by asking friends to give to a specific nonprofit in lieu of gifts.

How do I set up my birthday donations?


  1. On Facebook: Create a fundraiser asking friends to donate instead of giving you gifts.
  2. Register here: Create a fundraising page and then share it to your social networks.
  3. Donate: Make a birthday donation in your own name, honoring your special day.

How do you donate through Facebook?

Donate directly from a charitable organization’s Page

Tap Donate below the Page’s cover photo. Enter the amount you’d like to donate. Select a payment method or enter your payment information. Tap Donate [Amount].

Can I donate to my own Facebook fundraiser?

Your fundraiser has to meet our personal fundraiser policies. To donate to a personal fundraiser, check that: You’re in a country or region where fundraising is available. You’ve set up payments on Facebook.

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How do I accept donations on Facebook?

To be able to accept donations on Facebook, follow the steps below:

  1. Create or update a Page for your organization.
  2. From a Page admin account, sign up for Facebook Payments.
  3. Go to Page Settings then click Donations.
  4. Check both to allow people to create fundraisers and add donate buttons to their posts.

Does Facebook take a portion of donations?

We cover all fees for donations made on Facebook to charitable organizations. For personal fundraisers, payment processing fees are deducted and, in some countries or regions, additional taxes when the money raised is distributed.

How does Facebook birthday fundraiser work UK?

It was introduced in the UK in September 2017. And Facebook now lets users now donate to a charity of their choice on their birthday – as well as letting their friends donate to it too instead of getting them a present.