Frequent question: What happens if I log into Facebook on another device?

Each time someone logs in to your account at an unrecognized computer or mobile device, Facebook will alert you via text message or e-mail. With that information, you can end that session (see No. 3) and change your password.

Does Facebook tell you when you login from another device?

You can improve the security of your Facebook account by getting an alert when someone tries logging in from a device or web browser we don’t recognize. These alerts will tell you which device tried logging in and where it’s located.

What happens if you log into someone else’s Facebook?

They will get an email and/or an email per their settings. Also if you are not in the same general area as them (different city or different state or country w/e) they may get an email. Or if you get password wrong or they’ve changed it to something new they will get an email.

Can you be active on Facebook on 2 devices?

You can use more than one mobile device for secret conversations. To add a new device, just install the Messenger app and sign into Messenger on that device. When you sign into a new mobile device: … Once the device is added, you’ll see new messages in secret conversations on all active devices.

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How can I see attempted logins on Facebook?

Click on “Active Sessions,” which is located towards the bottom of the Privacy settings page. This brings up a list of your current and past Facebook logins, including the location where the login took place, the type of device that was used to access the site, and the day and time of the login.

How do I hide my login devices on Facebook?

Updated mobile browser experience

Scroll down and tap Settings. Below Security, tap Security and Login. Tap Save your login info. Tap to check the device or browser you want to remove, then tap Remove Selected.

Is it illegal to log into someone else’s account?

Federal privacy laws state that even with a shared computer, password protected e-mail accounts are private, unless one of the parties allows access. “The law is a simple unauthorized access law: It prohibits unauthorized viewing of someone else’s password-protected files,” said Orin Kerr, an Internet legal expert.

Is signing into someone else’s account illegal?

You need direct permission

Generally, accessing any account that is password protected is illegal. You can’t read someone’s emails or check their bank balance, for instance. If you need a password to get into that account, you’re breaking the law to enter it, even if you got in by correctly guessing that password.

Can you log into Messenger on someone else’s phone?

If you’re on Android, multiple people can login into Messenger at once. In Messenger’s settings on Android, an “Accounts” option lets you add multiple accounts in one app — which is ideal if you want to share your phone with someone else.

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