Frequent question: How do I manage YouTube comments?

Can YouTube comments be moderated?

YouTube allows you to add comment moderators to your channel. … You can add moderators to your YouTube channel through the Community tab. Next click on the Community Settings tab. YouTube comment moderators can flag potentially problematic comments for your review.

How do I moderate comments on my YouTube channel?

To add a user as a moderator, you can use any of the two methods in the YouTube Studio.

  1. Go to any comment from the user you would like to add as a moderator > Click on three-dot menu > Select the option to “Add this user as a comment moderator”.
  2. Go to Settings > Community > Automatic Filters > Moderators.

How can I block certain YouTube comments?

Block a commenter

  1. Find a comment they’ve left on your channel or video.
  2. Next to the comment, select More Hide user from channel.

Where is the YouTube comment section?

The comments section was directly under the video player – typically the comment section sits below the recommended videos, which requires a fair amount of scrolling (see below). Typically comments are below recommended videos.

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Can YouTube block your comments?

The video creator has blocked comments

If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam. Additionally, if the video is made for children, comments are turned off by default.

Can Youtubers remove comments?

Hello, yes, creators have full control of comments left on their videos. You can either action this control directly from the comments section of the video page, or from the comments menu in YouTube Studio.

How are top comments determined on YouTube?

The Youtube comment system depends on four things:

  • Time it was posted,
  • Like/dislike ratio of a comment,
  • Number of replies,
  • And, believe it or not, WHO posted it.

How do you turn off comments on YouTube 2021?

Click the drop-down icon next to the “Comment visibility” section & select the “Disable comments” option to turn off comments on YouTube.

How do I turn off replies on YouTube comments?

Click the v icon in the upper right corner of the post

5. Select “Disable comments” to disable replies to your comment on YouTube.

How do I turn off comments on YouTube 2020?

Choose the video that you want to disable the comments for. Tap on the pencil icon on the top of the screen to open “Advanced Settings.” Swipe right to get to “Advances Settings.” Scroll down to find “Comments” options and toggle to turn on or off comments for the video.

Why is the comment section moved on YouTube?

The company shared on their support page writing, “We want to make it easier for people watching videos to find comments in the YouTube app without having to scroll through ‘Up Next’ videos, so we’re testing out a new comment section that appears directly below the video.

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