Frequent question: Can you download twitter analytics?

Even power users with a ton of account activity can fairly quickly export their Analytics data right from their Twitter account. To export your data from Twitter, select the timeframe you’d like to use, and click the “Export Data” button in the top right corner of your Twitter Analytics Dashboard.

How do I export Twitter analytics to excel?


All you got to do is select the duration from the calendar and click on the “Export data” button on Tweets Tab. A . csv file will be saved on your local storage, with the exact listing of your data.

How do I export data from Twitter?

On the Twitter for iOS or Android app:

  1. Tap the navigation menu icon to access the main menu.
  2. Tap Settings and privacy.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Tap Your Twitter data under Data and permissions.
  5. Confirm your password, then tap Request archive.

How do I get yearly analytics on Twitter?

Start by navigating over to the Tweet Activity page by clicking on the “Tweets” tab. Twitter Analytics is set to automatically show your tweet activity over the last 28 days.

How do I Download my Twitter bookmarks?

Step 1

  1. Open Twitter web and go to the Bookmarks page.
  2. Open Dev tools and go to Network tab.
  3. Clear the network logs and select XHR.
  4. Apply filter as “bookmark”
  5. Refresh the twitter bookmarks page.
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How do I get a list of Retweeters?

To get the list of retweeters, we simply do an API call to statuses/retweeters/ids.

With that, the next steps seem easy:

  1. Create a tweet.
  2. Let the contest run for a few days.
  3. Use the API to get the list of retweeters.
  4. Draw the winners at random.
  5. Congratulate the winners via DM.