Does Taylor Hudson have Instagram?

Taylor Hudson (@taylortayh) • Instagram photos and videos.

Does Taylor Hudson have social media?

Even though Hudson keeps a low profile on Instagram (the account fans believe to be hers is private and only has around 3,500 followers), Dobrik’s fans have fallen head-over-heels for her personality in his vlogs.

Does Taylor from Vlog Squad have Instagram?

Taylor Hudson Dobrik (@taylorhdobrik) • Instagram photos and videos.

Does David dobrik’s assistant Taylor have a Instagram?

(@taylorhudsondaily) • Instagram photos and videos.

How did Taylor meet dobrik?

According to a reddit user, David and Taylor “had a mutual contact in the industry that knew David was looking for a second assistant and asked her if she’d be interested.” A second follower stated, “She was hired as another assistant to do some business stuff with them.”

Who is Dobriks girlfriend?

Fans of YouTube star David Dobrik grow more and more convinced every day that the 23-year-old is hooking up with his assistant and longtime friend Natalie Mariduena. The pair lives together and frequently shares coupley photos on their social media pages — but apparently, it’s all an act.

Is Natalie no longer David’s assistant?

Who is Natalie Mariduena? Natalie Mariduena is David Dobrik’s ex-assistant. Since the allegations, he has stepped down from his position at Dispo, an American photo-sharing app. While they both agreed to cut ties, Natalie Mariduena still supports David as one of her close friends even after the allegations.

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Does Taylor Hudson have TikTok?

Taylor Hudson (@taylor. b. hudson) TikTok | Watch Taylor Hudson’s Newest TikTok Videos.

How much do David’s assistants make?

Average David’s Bridal Merchandising Assistant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $38,638, which meets the national average.

Who is Natalie Vlog Squad?

Natalie Mariduena, also known as Natalie Noel on social media, is an American social media influencer and the assistant to YouTube star David Dobrik. Natalie went to school with David and the two grew up together.