Can you pin a comment on a Facebook ad?

You can pin a comment to the bottom of your video during a Facebook Live broadcast. Pinned comments can help shape the conversation by showing your audience what you want to talk about. It can also promote quality commenting by giving people a prompt to react to.

How do you pin a comment on a Facebook business page?

Here are the steps to Pin a Post on your Facebook Page:

  1. Find the update you want to Pin.
  2. Click the … edit button on the right of that update. ( the 3 dots)
  3. Click “Pin to Top of Page”.
  4. This will place the update at the top of your content and with a little notification on the left – this tells you it has been pinned.

Why can’t I pin a boosted post on Facebook?

The first thing to know about pinning Facebook posts is that you can’t do it on your personal timeline – pinning is only possible on a Facebook ‘page’. And, in order to pin a post, you must be an administrator or editor of the page.

How do I pin a comment on Facebook 2021?

In the top right of Facebook, tap .

  1. Tap Pages, then go to your Page.
  2. Go to the post on your Page’s timeline.
  3. Tap in the top right of the post.
  4. Select Pin to top.
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How do you pin a comment?

To use the pinned comments feature, users can simply swipe on a comment they want to pin, from right to left. On doing so, new options will pop up asking them if they want to reply, report or delete the comment.

How do I pin a post to my Facebook business page 2020?

It will be the icon with three dots in the top right corner of the post. A drop-down menu will appear underneath. Tap Pin to Top. The page will reload, and the post will appear above the rest at the top of the page.

How do I pin a live comment on Facebook?

Pin a comment during a live broadcast

  1. Tap on the comment you want to showcase.
  2. Select Pin this Comment.

What does pinning a post mean?

When you “pin” a post on your Facebook Timeline, it will stay at the top-left of your timeline for 7 days. … This means it will be the first post that people see when they visit your not-for-profit’s Facebook Page. Pinned posts have an orange flag at the top-right of the post so that people know it has been pinned.

Can you pin your own comments?

Unlike YouTube, you cannot pin your own comment on an Instagram post made by you. Instagram only allows you to pin other people’s comments so that they always stay at the top of the comment thread on your posts.

Can I pin a comment on Instagram post?

Instagram now offers users the option to pin comments to the top of their comments feed on any of their posts. Adding a pinned comment to your post is actually a really easy process. To start, find the comment you wish to pin at the top.

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What does pinning a comment on Instagram do?

Pinned comments are comments that appear at the top of a post or in the comment summary that appears in the feed. When someone posts someone else’s comment, authors are notified that their comments have been highlighted in the post. This option to pin comments is a kind of help to manage comments.