Can friends of friends see your posts on Facebook?

When you use the “Friends” privacy setting, two groups of people can see your post: People whom you have added as your friend. Friends of anyone tagged in the post.

What does it mean when friends of friends can see your post?

If you, or someone else, post a status, photo, anything, and make it visible to “friends of friends”, it means that the friends of the friends you have can see it, regardless of whether they’re friends with you or not.

Who can see your post friends of friends?

If you set the privacy of your posts to private then only people in your friend list will be able to see the post and any comments underneath. You can set the privacy individually on each post or go into your account settings and make all of your posts private by default.

Can friends of friends see my pictures?

Right now, if you are tagged in Facebook content your friends will be able to see the picture/post – even if they are not friends with the person on whose account the content resides. You don’t even need to “Share” it. (In other words, if your friend tags you in a photo he posts, your friends can see it straightaway.)

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Can my friends see what I post on another friend’s wall?

If you are posting directly to someone’s Timeline, know that at the very least, that person’s friends or a subset of their friends can see the post. Unless the person whose Timeline you are posting has no friends, then it is usually a broader conversation than just a one-on-one.

What can my Facebook friends see?

Anyone can see your public information, which includes your name, profile picture, cover photo, gender, username, user ID (account number), and networks (learn why). Only you and your friends can post to your profile. When you post something, you can control who sees it by using the audience selector.

Who can see my posts?

You’ll have three options for this setting. “Only Me,” means the posts are fully private, only viewable to you. “Friends” means your Facebook friends can see what you post and search for your posts. “Public” means anyone on or off Facebook can see your posts, and anyone with a Facebook account can search your posts.

Do all my friends see my posts?

Your friends can, however, see your posts if they go to your Facebook page. You can also set who sees your posts on your page. In the photo below, I have set this specific post to public, which means everyone (not just my friends) can see it.

Can mutual friends see my posts?

Id your settings are set to only me, and you tag a friend, the only way your mutual friend can see what you post is if, he/she is a mutual friend in facebook. But if you set them to friends only, all your Facebook friends will see it.

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Why can’t Facebook friends see my posts?

If your Facebook feed doesn’t appear to be showing the most recent posts, or if some posts which are shared to your Facebook page are missing, then the most likely explanation is that those posts in your feed may be shared from a user’s personal Facebook profile or a Facebook page which has an age or location …

How do I post on someone’s wall without them seeing?

Slide down to the most appropriate option and click to change the privacy setting for that message. If you choose “Friends,” anyone on your friends list can read the post, but the general public will not see it. If you choose “Only Me,” nobody but you can see it.

How do I limit who can see my comments on other people’s posts?

You can’t hide a comment on Facebook and make it visible to fewer people than can see the content that it’s commenting on. Your only choices are to delete it or leave it visible to whoever can see the post or photo.