Are Facebook Collection Ads Mobile only?

Facebook’s Collection Ads are a relatively new ad format, having just rolled out within the last year. They’re a mobile-only ad format (at least, for right now), and designed to appeal to mobile users. … These sales-oriented ads show users products in a way that’s fast and efficient.

Are collection ads only for mobile?

Facebook collection ads are a mobile-only format designed to appeal to smartphone users. You can use them on both Facebook and Instagram. A collection ad in the Facebook News Feed includes a cover image or video, followed by four images.

Do Collection ads work on desktop?

Available across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Display Network, carousel ads help you offer a seamless ad experience across platforms as well as devices. Carousel ads work perfectly on both desktop and mobile!

What are Facebook Collection ads?

A collection ad in Facebook News Feed includes a cover image or video followed by 3 product images. When someone taps on a collection ad, they see an Instant Experience—a full-screen landing page that drives engagement and nurtures interest and intent.

How do I use Facebook Collection ads?

Collection ads best practices

  1. Choose featured products wisely. In the Product section of setup, you decide how the 4 product images will show on your ad: dynamically or in a specific order. …
  2. Select the best cover visual. …
  3. Focus on retargeting. …
  4. Drive traffic with external links. …
  5. Continually test your ads.
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How do I make my Facebook collections private?

How do I change the privacy settings of my collection on Facebook…

  1. In the Facebook app, tap .
  2. Tap Saved.
  3. Go to the collection you want to update.
  4. Tap at the top. If you don`t see , tap , then tap Privacy settings.
  5. Choose the new privacy setting for your collection.

Can I see who viewed my collection on Facebook?

Yes, you can see who viewed your featured collection on Facebook. However, you can only see the names of people that viewed your collection if they are friends with you on Facebook. If they are not friends with you on Facebook, they will be categorized as “Other viewers” instead of “Viewers”.

Do collections ads work?

Multiple case studies have proven them to have incredibly high-converting potential even though they’re a mobile-only format. Ashley’s HomeStore ran Collection Ads that resulted in 35% lift in sales, 8X incremental return on ad spend, and 3.26 million people reached.

What is FB Cpas?

What do Collaborative Ads or CPAS mean? Collaborative Performance Advertising Solutions (CPAS), rebranded as Collaborative Ads in 2019, are an advertising solution created by Facebook allowing brands and retailers to create ads together.

What are Collection ads?

Collection is an ad format that lets people move from discovery to purchase in a smooth and immersive way. … Customers who tap on your collection ad to browse or learn more will be seamlessly taken to a fast-loading visual post-click experience powered by Instant Experience—all without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

Are collection ads dynamic?

Collection ads are responsive and dynamic, but only viewable on mobile devices. Your products are presented in a Collection Ad via a primary image, video or slideshow, with a grid of images below. Each image depicts a product, complete with description and price.

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How do I create a collection ad?

To create your collection ad from Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click + Create in the top left.
  3. Choose an objective that supports the collection format and then click Continue.
  4. Add your Campaign Details, A/B Test and Campaign Budget Optimization information if needed, then click Next.

Can you run collection ads on Instagram?

To create your collection ad for Instagram Feed or Stories: Go to Meta Ads Manager. Select + Create. Choose an objective that supports collection for Instagram Feed or Stories (Conversions, Traffic, Catalog sales, Store traffic, Reach), then click Continue.