Deciding When Your News is “Release Worthy”

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A question we often get from clients is, “How often should I be issuing news releases?” The question is a simple one, but the answer is a bit complicated.

At Evolution, we lean toward more news releases, rather than less. Our philosophy is that it’s better to project an image of an organization that’s busy and thriving, rather than the opposite. We call it “the drumbeat effect,” because like a drum we’re helping our clients beat out a public relations rhythm that points towards their success.

While we urge our clients to work with us to ferret out their good news for releases and posts, we are still discerning in deciding what news to trumpet. We never want our clients to be seen as needlessly filling folks’ in-boxes or social media pages.

In terms of what news deserves to be spread, we look for signs of growth like key new hires or financial or enrollment benchmarks that have been reached. Because we work so much in the healthcare field, significant new studies or advances in technology are always worth a release and post.

We always hope that a journalist will want to develop a unique story around our press release or story pitch. That is still the “gold standard,” but is harder than ever to achieve due to staff shortages in newsrooms and a shrinking number of reporters, in general. Instead a news outlet may simply post our press release verbatim online or use a snippet of it in a television script or print article. We still consider these “wins.” In fact, media hits like this have won our clients significant results.

News release distribution services like PR Newswire are great at getting our client’s releases on a myriad of sites. We like to utilize these services when our news releases have enough news value to deserve the extra investment, and when the services’ costs fit within our clients’ budgets.

If you have questions on whether you should issue a release for your company, please feel free to ask anyone on our Evolution team. We will give you an honest answer so that your efforts can result in nice publicity gains for your organization.