What We Do

Evolution is a full-service communications and marketing agency with extensive experience developing and testing brands and messaging, as well as producing creative materials and campaigns for traditional and digital media. Located just outside of Denver, Colorado, our marketing firm designs strategic marketing and earned media plans to successfully target difficult-to-reach populations, including young adults and Spanish-speakers.

We specialize in health communications for both private and public entities, specifically public health and specialty medicine. Our team has created numerous award-winning campaigns. Our expertise extends reach, adds value, and increases the impact of our clients’ projects through our specialized services and comprehensive account management.

Our clients come first, a philosophy evidenced by our long-standing relationships with a variety of clients.

Who We Are

Collectively, the core Evolution team has over six decades of experience developing and implementing strategic communications for clients in fields such as public and private healthcare, law, arts and entertainment, insurance, government, and more. Learn more about our team here.

Evolution is a full-service communications and marketing agency specializing in healthcare communications.

What Makes Us Different

YOUR message matters. In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to break through the clutter, so how do you make sure your message gets heard? You hire us. At Evolution, it’s all about rock solid messaging, and all about you. We’ll make sure you get your message right the first time – and get it noticed.

We’re the agency without the attitude. You know that mechanic that makes you feel stupid when you ask about your check engine light? How about the IT guy that rolls his eyes when you ask why your computer isn't booting up? Or your last marketing agency that already knew everything and didn't hesitate to let you know it? We’ve been in your shoes, and we are not that guy. (In fact, one our principals is a gal.) In any case, at Evolution we do things differently. We understand that collaboration with our clients brings innovation – and that’s exactly how we work.

Size doesn’t matter. We love big campaigns and have a proven track record with large audiences, but we also enjoy and excel in helping organizations of all sizes execute their short-term projects. We understand the importance of sticking to a budget, and we pride ourselves on making sure your money is invested the right way to ensure your message is heard – loud and clear.