Valentine’s Day: What we love about what we do

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Valentine’s Day is usually less about reflection than it is finding last-minute candies and cards to express our devotion and adoration to a paramour, or at least as a last-ditch effort to stay out of the doghouse. We decided a more appropriate take on February 14th would be to think about the reasons we truly love our work, our agency and our clients.

Everyone at Evolution weighed in with the parts of their job that pluck our heartstrings. It’s good insight into why we do what we do, and why we value the opportunity to provide a unique service to our clients.


Partner Anne Smith develops and maintains strategic partnerships and manages business development for Evolution, and manages accounts for clients including Tri-County Health Department and IESO Digital Health. For her, it’s all about making people healthier, a mission of many of our clients.

“I love the work we do at Evolution, especially in public health. I love working with our brilliant clients to develop messages that cause people to stop and think about their mental and physical health. It’s important work and it is a privilege to be involved in it.”


Digital Media Specialist Ariana Agnew joined Evolution in July of 2018, just two months after graduating from college. She was drawn to Evolution because of our specialties in Spanish language and healthcare marketing, areas of focus that stoke the flames of her passion for social justice.

“I love that my role at Evolution allows me to use skills I already have as well as challenging me to learn new things. I take pride in the work I do to help clients such as HQA Fertility Centers, Every Child Pediatrics, and Peer Assistance Services reach a larger audience and direct their message to the people who need to hear it most.”


As Senior Account Director at Evolution, Barb Howell places nearly all of our paid media campaigns statewide in English and Spanish. What Barb loves most about her job is truly being a resource provider for our clients.

“There’s a lot of strategy that goes into preparing a paid media recommendation, it’s not just ‘spots and dots’”, she explains. “We regularly review the most up-to-date media research from sources like Nielsen, Arbitron, ComScore, Scarborough and others, so we can provide evidence-based media recommendations to our clients.  They can see that there was a lot of thought and planning that goes into our media strategy. We take it very seriously, and we are as careful with our clients’ budgets as we are with our own money!”


After a successful career in print journalism, Erich Kirshner founded his own communications agency before joining forces with Anne and Katie to form Evolution. Erich took to the LOVE theme with all his heart, as you’ll read below:

“I love having a job that allows me to think creatively and put my creative thinking to good use. That reminds me, I need a white board – or some such thing – for my shower. I get the best ideas there! I love working with our team. My colleagues bring such a wonderful assortment of skills and experience to their work. Conveniently, they are also fun, interesting folks who are great to work with.

“And I love working in a variety of industries — I learn new things every day! For example, I’m again learning more about infertility care thanks to our new client HQA Fertility Centers. Working for our client Pinnacol Assurance, the state’s largest worker’s compensation insurer, I’ve learned a lot about the construction industry.”


A founding partner at the agency, Katie Trexler-Kern works the phones and uses her the connections she made during  her years in television journalism to get our clients in front of cameras whenever they have a story to tell.

“A critical part of any loving relationship is the ability to be authentic with each other. When it comes to the clients I work with, I can genuinely say I love working with them,” she said. “I believe in their missions with all my heart. Maybe that’s why I really enjoy putting in the hours to get them media attention. When I’m pitching stories, I truly believe that our clients rock it and deserve to be recognized.”


Tom Skelley (the guy writing this blog and currently abandoning his attempt to keep it in the third person) made the transition from the newsroom to the agency in 2017. For me, it’s all about using my powers for good (as I tried to do as a reporter), whether I’m drafting content, writing a news release or taking an organization’s years of service to the community and condensing it into a one sheet.

“I love the fact that the majority of our clients are working daily to make life better for groups that are often underserved or misunderstood. The messaging we create for the Let’s Talk Colorado campaign is, hopefully, driving a long-overdue conversation about the ways we all relate to our own mental health, an issue that is close to my heart (and brain). The stories we pitch for Speak Now! Colorado take the conversation on substance use to a more honest level than campaigns in the past have, and as a parent, have given me more perspective on talking openly with my son about more than just substance use.”