The Five Best Marketing Podcasts of 2019

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Whether you’re in the car, on a run, or just relaxing in the sun, podcasts can be a fascinating and educational pastime. Though a lot of podcasts fall into certain categories like politics, science, comedy, etc. there are still a wide variety of genres beyond the ones you’ve typically heard.

Marketing podcasts are now growing in popularity, with people sharing advice with their audience or listening to what other experts in the field have to say about marketing trends. These new marketing podcasts feature industry leaders and marketing professionals who are eager to share what they’ve learned during their careers and what their predictions are for the future of marketing. The best part? These podcasts are FREE! Just go to the Podcast app on your phone.

Here are the top marketing podcasts to listen to in 2019:

1)    Marketing Over Coffee: This podcast is interesting for two reasons. First, the hosts have expert advice for marketing specialists and agencies. They often discuss popular topics such as social media marketing and traditional marketing tactics essential to building a successful campaign. Secondly, this podcast is recorded in a coffee shop every week and is posted every Thursday morning.

2)    Social Media Marketing Podcast: This is one of the most underrated podcasts for anyone who manages a social media account. Social Media Examiner’s CEO, Michael Stelzner, discusses the importance of social media marketing and how it can be optimized to benefit your business. Stelzner also talks about the latest trends in social media marketing and how to stay ahead of the competition using basic techniques.

3)    Social Pros: The Social Pros podcast is a great, easy-listening podcast for those interested in public relations, branding, and agency management. The hosts often bring on well-known experts in the marketing industry who share their experiences and advice.

4)    Call to Action: As the name suggests, this podcast is about the fundamentals of online marketing. The experts discuss  basic marketing strategies used to get customers to convert.

5)    HBR IdeaCast: More of a frontage road to the marketing highway, this podcast is brought to you by the Harvard Business Review. Focused on general business strategies, this podcast is not tailored specially toward marketing. Instead, IdeaCast brings on notable figures with invaluable advice that makes this podcast too important not to include on the list.

Podcasts are a useful learning tool for anyone in the marketing industry because they offer insight into what the leaders in our field are doing to create the nation’s most popular campaigns. It’s also a great idea to hire our Evolution, who knows the ins-and-outs of digital marketing and how to get your business in the spotlight. For more information about how you can take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, reach out to our digital media specialist, Ari, for more information.

By: Jackson Bambei, Evolution Communications Intern