“We have been working with the Evolution team for almost ten years now, and have been consistently impressed by the quality of their work. From securing our CEO media hits in big publications like the Denver Business Journal and Medical Economics to driving calls to our business through SEO, Evolution has helped us significantly elevate our marketing presence. When you hire Evolution, they do not just become your PR and marketing agency; they become a trusted partner in helping you move toward your business goals."

Michael Kuehn // VP of Sales, Clinic Service Corporation

"I enjoy working with Amanda for many reasons. She not only understands the core of marketing and communications, but knows how to apply tactics and strategies in such a way that can change people’s perceptions and ultimately their behaviors."

Matt Kaspari // President & CEO, Kaspo Creative Marketing Agency

"I want to thank you and your team for an outstanding ON TARGET campaign. The survey results are amazing and your team is responsible, creative, strategic and hard-working. You and your team are my Public Health heroes!"

Patty Boyd // Tri-County Health Department

"Two years ago in March I was sick from surgeries and chemo and felt like nobody cared about colon cancer....it got no recognition or respect. It has been so great to see all of the blue over the past week, the teriffic interviews, the uber-successful Dress In Blue event, and everything else that has happened to help turn March blue. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and efforts that has made this all possible!!"

Linda Woltkamp // Colorado Colorectal Cancer Task Force

"Katie Trexler Kern is an amazing talent who lead the State efforts to move from a traditional 'government' education website to a creative, dynamic, family attractive impactful website! While this may seem straight forward, it was like turning a cruise ship with only canoe paddles, yet Katie did the impossible."

Joni Reynolds // Public Health Programs Director, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

"You all did an amazing job with the Novelita. I watched it on Saturday with my family and all commented on what a great story."

Brenda LaCombe // Outreach and Customer Support Coordinator, Connect for Health Colorado

"I am so grateful to everyone that pitched in and helped to raise Colorectal Cancer awareness in Denver! It was a great team effort! Just amazing! And I am grateful to all of you at Evolution who got the word out in places that the rest of us could not on our own!"

Karen Wehling // Colorado Colorectal Cancer Task Force