How to Make the Most of Social Media in 2019

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While audiences don’t seem to be abandoning social media en masse, according to Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer Report, 60 percent of people no longer trust social media companies. This means new challenges, and opportunities, for your business. If you’re wondering how to make the most of social media in 2019, here are some insights:


    • Focus less on maximizing reach and more on creating quality engagement with your audience. Since a large percentage of people feel they can’t trust media companies, it’s important to earn your audience’s trust and truly interact with them – not just use their engagement for your own benefit.


  • Utilize Facebook Live
      • Have staff members educate your audience about various topics
      • Host Q&As to increase trust and transparency with your followers
    • Promote events using this tool


  • If you haven’t done so already, create a branded hashtag that aligns with your company’s values.
      • Ex: #justdoit #eatfresh #imlovinit
    • In 2018, we saw a boom in influencer marketing. This year, the trend is heading toward “micro-influencers,” people with access to more niche audiences, which could create more authentic engagement with followers.
        • Using micro-influencers is generally more affordable, and they are viewed as more trustworthy, since they have smaller, more engaged audiences.
        • The easiest way to find these types of influencers is through a hashtag search on Twitter or Instagram. This will help you find people who have influence in your industry. To complete a hashtag search, type in a hashtag on either Instagram’s or Twitter’s search bar (i.e. #justdoit)
      • To learn more about micro-influencers, check out this overview by Hootsuite.


Instagram Stories

    • It’s important to create stories that are visual, fun, and personal.
    • Since stories disappear in a day, it’s easy to experiment and have fun with creation.
  • Utilize Story Highlights on Instagram. If you don’t want a story to disappear completely and be inaccessible to your followers after 24 hours, you can highlight it, and the highlighted stories will appear on your profile for people to view later.

Paid Advertising

    • When it comes to paid advertising, you don’t want to send your money into the digital abyss. It’s absolutely crucial to create a targeted audience for your ads, based on whatever criteria and demographics you need.
    • It’s also important to remember your campaign results (metrics) will be different depending on what your key performance indicators are.
      • If you run an awareness campaign, impressions will be the metric tracked, but if you want to track conversions and click-throughs, you’ll want to run a campaign where conversions are the primary metric.
  • One way to make compelling ad content is to look at content you’ve already created that has performed well organically (not paid), then repurpose that content to create paid ads.

Social media strategy can seem overwhelming, but once you identify target audiences, content, and budget, you can make the most of these platforms and begin improving your company’s digital presence. If you find yourself seeking more guidance, reach out to our Digital Media Specialist Ariana at