If you or your organization anticipate being in the public eye, media training is essential. Working with the news media might seem exciting, or daunting, to you, but conducting strong, coherent interviews makes all the difference in selling your story or maintaining a positive public image during a crisis situation.

There is a skill to being interviewed. A successful interview involves knowing how to control what is covered, discussing appropriate  subject matter and maintaining composure, even if the questions get tough. You want to look, sound and feel confident when you’re face to face with a journalist, whether they work in print, radio or television. Comprehensive and advance preparation is why we recommend working with our seasoned team, before media opportunities present themselves.

Evolution principals Katie Trexler-Kern and Erich Kirshner are both former journalists; Katie has over 20 years of experience in broadcast television and Erich worked for over 10 years in print journalism. With a wealth of experience, they are poised to prepare you or your team members for all types of media interviews.

Our media trainers, Katie and Erich, will work with you to determine the goals of your training session and any key messages you want to convey. We then conduct mock interviews with you, made even more rigorous with a camera and lights to make the environment as real as possible. Even if you don’t expect to be on television, this will expose you to the potential stress of interviews, teaching you to stay focused and keep your composure.

We also work with you to get rid of bad habits many of us display when speaking in public. We can even coach you on your appearance- everything from your hair and make-up to appropriate clothes to wear.

While our media training is thorough and designed to prepare for media interviews, it will also refine your public speaking skills. It will help you stay on message, sound conversational and feel more confident in front of board members, potential clients or any other groups you address.