With deep relationships with local media outlets, Evolution is well-positioned to develop your media strategy and execute the media buying. Evolution’s strategic media planning and analysis goes deeper and wider than most, and our knowledge of marketing tactics spans the spectrum of traditional and new media.

Our approach:

  1. Conduct comprehensive research into the behavior and media usage habits of your target demographic
  2. Use our experience and research to develop a unique and thoughtful paid media rationale and recommendation
  3. Provide ongoing analysis of media analytics and overall campaign performance
  4. Make recommendations for improvements to extend reach and add value when appropriate

Evolution has experience with media planning and buying for clients with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000 plus, giving us superior negotiating skills and unparalleled volume buying clout. We also work to secure added-value/no charge elements, as they are an essential extension of clients’ media dollars. We value bonus media at the same real values as paid media we negotiate, so the values we report to our clients are actual, not inflated.

Evolution provides detail on all added-value negotiated and monitors all media schedules to ensure that all negotiated added-value spots run. All paid media schedules are always monitored continually and optimized for efficiency.