Delivering your story to the public takes more than drafting a media advisory and crossing your fingers.

Whether you need an eye-catching press release or want to get your message out to a wide audience through print, broadcast or online media, we have the tools and experience to get you in the news.

Our earned media team has more than 30 combined years working in print and television journalism. We know what elements reporters look for when they decide which stories to cover and, more importantly, we understand what readers and viewers want to know. When we present your story to the media, you’ll be confident it will get coverage and your target audience will get the message loud and clear.

We take the time to learn everything we can about you, and we look for the unique details to make your story compelling. We also identify and pre-interview knowledgeable spokespeople to bolster your message, ensuring journalists will cover the story and audiences will take it to heart.

Once your story is ready to be told, the next step is finding someone to tell it. Over the years, our team has cultivated solid relationships with journalists throughout the Denver Metro Area and beyond, and we leverage our connections to our clients’ benefit. Reporters, editors and content managers know us and trust us, and our clients enjoy the advantages that come with those relationships.

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