Media Buying & Placement

We understand advertising and know the players. We also understand what motivates broadcasters.

At Evolution, we negotiate win-win usage of advertising media assets and inventory, ensuring that your message is heard, whether you’re marketing in English or Spanish.

Our years of experience and large network can help you create the right partnerships to ensure creative, effective advertising for your organization’s initiatives.

Technical Assistance

Media Buying

Evolution can help you become a media partner by leading you through the “ins and outs” of the overall media business. Whether you’re a funder or a grant-seeking organization, Evolution can assist you with the projects that contain a media component to ensure that the project intent is realized and media partners are fully engaged.

Cultural Relevance

Do your initiatives effectively reach underserved communities? With years of experience in developing successful campaigns targeting hard-to-reach populations, Evolution can position your organization’s initiatives to ensure successful results.

Consultation and Training

Evolution consults directly with funders, media, for-profit, non-profit and community-based organizations and their staffs to provide training and insight into the effective use of advertising for social outreach.


Evolution will help you establish an overall strategic goal and plan for reviewing and funding grant requests that involve a media component.

Project Research and Evaluation

When working with funders to establish your initiative, the research and evaluation tools used can make or break a funding decision. Our team can help you evaluate available research while planning your initiative. Every organization and project is unique. That’s why we also take special care to use the right tools and techniques to quantify your project goals and advertising objectives.

Evolution collaborates with the brightest and best-trained minds in the local community to ensure project goals are realized in a quantifiable way. Working with your collaborative partners, Evolution can bring the right research to bear for program development while working with your organization to design and execute a meaningful evaluation plan for your project.