Healthy Kids Colorado Survey

The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) is a voluntary, anonymous survey that provides our state with vital information about the health and wellbeing of Colorado’s middle and high school students. It is Colorado’s only comprehensive survey for monitoring adolescent health behaviors and attitudes, giving communities, schools and their partners valuable data to help them appropriately serve the needs of youth.

Colorado school districts currently have a choice about how to administer the survey. In the past, over 90% of Colorado schools districts have chosen to administer the survey with passive consent – meaning that kids are opted-in unless their parents specifically request that they opt-out. Today, districts can decide how to administer the survey, giving them local control.

However, the State Board of Education is considering changing the way the HKCS is administered, which would instead require parents to opt-in through active consent.  Research shows that districts who use active consent receive far fewer completed surveys than districts who use passive consent. Active consent is shown to make it much less likely that districts, schools, local communities and others obtain representative adolescent health data.

There are three ways you can help us prevent burdensome mandates being placed on our schools in the administration of the HKCS:

  1. Provide public comment at the upcoming State Board of Education meeting, tentatively slated for April 8 or 9, exact date/time TBD. Your mission is to state that as a parent, you are aware of the survey, its content and how it is administered. You are comfortable with things as they are, and see great value in the data gleaned by the survey. If you would like to give public comment, please contact Anne Smith at at your earliest convenience!
  2. Email the Board of Education PRIOR to April 8/9. The names, contact emails, and districts of the State Board of Education Representatives are listed below. If you send an email, PLEASE COPY so we can track response.
  3. Mobilize your networks! Please share this web page and let other parents, youth, organizational partners, and others in your network know how they can take action to support the HKCS!

State Board of Education Representatives

Attached here you will find information about the HKCS, Frequently Asked Questions, sample emails, letters to the editor and social media posts, and examples of how the survey has helped Colorado communities.

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Smith at

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment provided information for this page; they are not a partner is this advocacy effort.