Connect For Health Colorado on KNRV

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Monica Caballeros of Connect for Health Colorado talks with KNRV’s Rodolfo Cardenas about the pending open enrollment deadline. Families and individuals who want to be covered by January 1 need to enroll by this Saturday, Dec. 15.

Pinnacol Assurance on KMGH

Pinnacol Assurance Safety Consultant Jim McMillen spoke with KMGH Denver 7 News about the increase in on-the-job crashes and fatalities, and how we can incorporate safe driving practices into our jobs. Click here for the video.

Connect For Health Colorado on 97.7

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Monica Caballeros from Connect for Health Colorado spoke with QueBueno 97.7 & 1280 Denver about signing up for health insurance during the open enrollment period. Sign up now to protect your family’s health and financial future at

South Metro Denver Chamber in the DBJ

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The Denver Business Journal featured client South Metro Denver Chamber, and Board Chairman Andrew Graham. “Graham plans to focus his yearlong chairmanship on helping what he considers to be highly overlooked small businesses.” Click here for the full story.

Connect For Health Colorado on Hablemos Hoy

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We’re proud to continue our work with Connect for Health Colorado and spread the word to Colorado’s Spanish-speaking community about signing up for benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Connect spokesperson Monica Caballeros handled questions from 1150 AM’s “Hablemos Hoy” host Rodolfo Cardenas … Read More

Speak Now! Colorado on KMGH

Laura Thompson, PhD, a counselor at Regis University talks with Denver7 News‘ Nicole Brady about how heavy cannabis use affects students’ academics. Speak Now Colorado reminds parents there are tips to talk with your college-age kids on their website.

Pinnacol Assurance on KMGH

Jim McMillen, safety expert from client Pinnacol Assurance, spoke to Denver7 about the #HardHatChallenge, which involves trying to flip a hard hat onto your head. Jim’s advice? Don’t do it. Hard hats are for safety, not viral videos. Click here for the full story.

Let’s Talk Colorado on KMGH

Dr. Glenn Most, a partner and messaging consultant with the Let’s Talk Colorado campaign, spoke with Denver 7 about supporting men’s mental health by talking about it, and how ABC’s “A Million Little Things” is a step in the right direction. Click here for the story.

Pinnacol Assurance on KMGH

Pinnacol Assurance Director of Safety Services, Jim McMillen, spoke with anchor Nicole Brady at Denver7 on fall prevention. Falls are the most common workplace injury (nearly 8,000 claims last year) and Pinnacol is spreading the word to help protect Coloradans as we head … Read More

Speak Now! Colorado on FOX31

Fox 31 interviewed Speak Now! Colorado spokesperson David Arnold of the Colorado Coalition of Campus Drug and Alcohol Educators about the higher rates of daily marijuana use on Colorado campuses, and the need for parents to talk with their college-aged children about substance use. … Read More

Business Insurance highlights Pinnacol

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Business Insurance recently highlighted Pinnacol Assurance‘s report on injury claims. “Muscle strains were the most common injury recorded among workers in Colorado from 2012 to 2017, according to data released Thursday by Pinnacol Assurance, a large workers compensation insurer in Colorado. Denver-based Pinnacol examined … Read More

Speak Now! Colorado on EDUCA Radio

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Jessica Triplett, Jennifer O’Connor, Jodi Lockhart and Sharon Liu from the Office of Behavioral Health (Colorado Department of Human Services)  were featured on DPS’s EDUCA Radio to talk about how parents can help children make healthy choices regarding substance use by using the information on the Speak Now! Colorado website. … Read More

The Journal reports on Pinnacol Assurance

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The Journal recently reported on client Pinnacol Assurance awarding scholarships to 97 Colorado students. “The Pinnacol Foundation recently announced it awarded $451,230 in scholarship funds to 97 Colorado students for the 2018-2019 school year. The foundation provides scholarships each year to students with … Read More

Pinnacol Assurance on FOX31

FOX31 Denver KDVR interviewed Pinnacol Assurance Foundation Awards Scholar Morgan Crouse about how the Foundation’s scholarship allowed her to pursue a college education and realize her dreams. Click here for more information about the Pinnacol scholarships.

Speak Now! Colorado on 9NEWS

Speak Now Colorado campaign spokesman David Arnold (Coalition of Colorado Campus Alcohol and Drug Educators- CADE) spoke with 9NEWS (KUSA) Colorado and Company on 9NEWS about how important it is for parents to talk with their college-bound kids about cannabis.   Click here for … Read More

FOX31 featured the Speak Now! campaign

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FOX31 featured the Speak Now! campaign, interviewing Speak Now! Colorado spokesman Kent MacLennan and parent Michele Conklin about the importance of talking with your child’s doctor about prescription painkillers. “There is no perfect way to talk with your children about … Read More

CCRM Highlighted by Romper

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When couples begin trying to conceive, they usually start paying a lot more attention to the inner workings of their physical bodies. The female body in particular is an awesomely fascinating thing, and learning about the rhythms of our fertility … Read More