A passionate marketing professional, Taylor Rosty graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a focus in Marketing.
At Wharton, Taylor discovered her love of social impact, and moved back to the Rockies after graduation, working as a consultant for a variety of nonprofit and for-profit clients on branding, social media strategy, communications, and more. Taylor worked as a contractor for Evolution as well before becoming a full-time team member in July 2016.
Taylor is skilled in social media strategy and manages social media for Evolution as well as Evolution’s clients. As part of her role, she works with brands to explore and identify ways to effectively integrate social media into business strategies and marketing campaigns. Taylor is also knowledgeable in web design, SEO, and inbound marketing.
Taylor is excited to be part of the Evolution team, and is particularly excited about Evolution’s public health work, as it aligns with her passion for improving local communities and with her desire to do work that makes an impact.
In her spare time, Taylor serves in her home state as a commissioner for ServeWyoming.
Taylor Rosty