It wasn’t that long ago that physicians felt it was inappropriate to market their practices, but that notion is largely gone today. There are likely many reasons for this, but certainly one is the idea that educated and empowered consumers will make the best medical buying decisions.

We are extremely proud of our combined decades of experience in the healthcare marketing and public relations field. Due to our years of work, we enjoy success in the private health arena.

We have experience representing entire hospitals and specialty practices in the emergency medicine orthopedics, oncology, infertility, plastic surgery, pain management, optometry and sports medicine disciplines. This work involves developing a deep understanding of each specialty and how buying decisions are made in each. Some specialties are highly reliant on patients deciding which specialist to consult, while others are directed more by insurance contracts and referrals from primary care physicians. (Link to relevant clients on the portfolio page as appropriate!)

On both the private and public health areas a combination of marketing and media relations (earned media) are effective strategies that are the most powerful when conducted simultaneously. We excel at work on both and have enjoyed creating many award-winning campaigns. Project budgets vary from very small to millions of dollars.